Is it the Indian or the Arrow?

Its both, if you play a real arrow!

​Our adjustable custom putters differ from all others in that it has complete adjustability from the head, to the tip of the grip.  An Allen wrench and your desire to try different attack angles. Golf is physics and angle interactions. With all of its adjustments it is equivalent to over 1000 putters, and that is conservative!

​Above photo shows shaft angles. Forward pressed, neutral and rear pressed. the range of motion is unrestricted within these angles. USGA allows 30 degrees within these angles. Ours can have all of those and fractions in-between. Best of all, it leaves the target line and loft in the same angle. We've made it really easy to find the perfect fitting process. It is also possible to have multiple head styles. Our hosel assembly fits all of our putter heads.

​Watch the video below to see actual slow motion roll at impact.
​Patents Pending.

Arrowhead Putters Defines Infinitive Adjustability, very Specifically, Undeniably,

where Angles are Imperative!

Golf balls don't always go where intended .                                      We know ours will aim  precisely, very specifically !

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Putter re-invented with the golfer in mind!

There is quite an array of putters on the market, past and present.  It should be the most effective means to play the game, Your way!  Looks have never made putts,  neither does a brand name.  Physics and angles, equates desired results.  As every one is different, so should the setup.   The  bottom line is, is it your game, we've made it extremely easy to make the putter fit you, as well as experiment with set ups, conventional putters don't offer.   Our mission is to take hype and myths out of the game, and let the golfer pick and choose angle interactions,  custom fit in moments, by the players.


That said,  continue to understand what a putter can be, not what one has to get use too!

Our technology focuses on flexibility and adjustability – two crucial features in golf that conventional putters fail to offer.  It’s time to think beyond conventional putters.  The Arrowhead Putter conforms to the rules of golf, and it conforms to the individual who swings it.  It offers options unique to any club in existence. We make or miss putts by fractions.  The Arrowhead Putter adjusts easily in unrestricted fractions of degrees.
The Arrowhead putter allows you to find the angle that’s right for you, and its tweak adjustments eliminate the need to visit a club fitter to get a perfect fit. 

The Images below are our new innovative investment casted bronze putters.  It is adjusted with an Allen wrench for shaft angles, lengths, lofts, and grip offsets.  Yes, grip offsets,  unconventional  by industry standards, however It can be square, but you play it how ever you want.  The face is our own design, with negative loft and contact areas that are very defined and small.  It gives super soft feel with solid contact and high MOI.

A laser line is an excellent training tool to see where you aim, and how you stroke the putter.  This laser  devise snaps on and off in seconds  and is pre aligned dead center relative to the face angle.  Evaluates exactly what is going on with aim, your stroke, and all angle issues that makes putting difficult.  It only fits our putters!  

Inquire about specials included with a putter purchase.  At this time only available on the blade.

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