Whats in your bag?

Adjustable Putter

​Our adjustable custom putter differs from all others in that it has complete adjustability from the head, to the tip of the grip. 
One unique feature is it can be a mallet or a blade. Less weight desired, just slide off the mallet attachment.

It purely a personal choice

that one likes to look at. 

"It's not just the Indian, and not just the Arrow."
It's both!

The golfer and the putter must be paired properly! 43% of your shots are putts.
​That's the average for most golfers.

​We've allowed the Indian to redefine that average with precision fitting to drop that

The putter is the club 
​you will use the most,
​desired to be used the least.

said ,

​it is the

most important club

in the bag and it needs to fit your game.

Easier said than done, unless you

take your game to our level of

precision fitting!

Stroke the ball for  a powwow

There are plenty of conventional putters on planet Earth, however there is only one, with technology that is out of this world !

Experience what a putter can be, not what you have to get use too!

Imagine a high tech club

 that will selectively conform to the universal rules

of the game, and still have your  unique control systems. Take the arrow to a whole new level.

You will see improved shots! Times are ever changing.

Old school clubs,

are what they are!

Arrowhead Putters Defines Infinitive Adjustability, very Specifically, Undeniably,

where Angles are Imperative!

Golf balls don't always go where intended .                                      We hope to help you get fit precisely !

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What should a putter really be, really?

There is quite an array of putters on the market, past and present.  If you take looks out of the equation, most are quite similar in actual specifications.  So back to the question.  It should be the most effective means to play the game.  Looks have never made putts,  neither does a brand name.  Physics and angles, equates desired results.  As every one is different, so should the setup.   What golfers trust a particular brand, or because a pro player uses it?  The  bottom line is, is it your game, not their game that is relevant!  Our mission is to take hype and myths out of the equations very easily done, than said.


That said,  continue to understand what a putter can be, not what one has to get use too!

Golf clubs and putters have evolved over the last century.  Golfers willingly “change it up” when new technology comes along, hoping to find the edge that will improve their game, or gain the confidence needed to sink a difficult put.  Our goal was to create one customize-able putter that would transcend the myths and demystify the mysteries that surround putting.  The Arrowhead Putter is that club. A putter without options is just a putter.  The market is flooded with no-option putters that are very similar in weight, loft, offset, and length specifications.  How one is any better than the other is anyone’s guess.  Differences among them amount to a degree here, ten grams there – subtle tweaks that offer minimal (if any) performance gains.  Essentially they are the same technology with a different look.  The golfer is forced to conform to the club’s limitations.  We believe the club should conform to the golfer, so we broke all the old molds to design the Arrowhead Putter. One should never judge a book by its cover. The same goes for putter covers. We make a warrior style that looks amazing, and covers your special putter.

 Our technology focuses on flexibility and adjustability – two crucial features in golf that conventional putters fail to offer.  No wonder the putter is the average golfer’s most used, but least preferred club!  It’s time to think beyond conventional putters.  The Arrowhead Putter conforms to the rules of golf, and it conforms to the individual who swings it.  It offers options unique to any club in existence. We make or miss putts by fractions.  The Arrowhead Putter adjusts easily in unrestricted fractions of degrees.  (Mathematically,
conservatively speaking, it offers 5 parameters of adjustments having approximately 35,000 unique settings within its range of motion, at .5 degrees of change. More if fractions are smaller )  Don't let those large numbers scare confidence. It will boost it. The Arrowhead allows you to find the angle that’s right for you, and its tweak adjustments eliminate the need to visit a club fitter to get a perfect fit.  The Arrowhead Putter puts you within a simple tweak or two of putting perfection. You are allowed to judge your performance with every tweak available. Swing paths dictate where the path line a stroke will follow. What if that path
doesn't match the putter? It goes with out saying, it won't be one the intended line. That is where you have choices, with Arrowhead Putters. Too realign paths of the player and the putter will give you the expertise one desires.

​ Read through the site and view the images.  We offer a new breed of adjustable putters that optimize your skill and maximize the fun in the game.  Once you own an Arrowhead Putter, you will see subtle – sometimes dramatic changes in your personal putting style.  A putter’s loft, shaft offsets, balance, and length are characteristics that motivate golfers to shop for a new putter.  The Arrowhead eliminates the expense and the necessity of spending time in a golf shop that would be better spent on the links.  Don’t like the loft?  Change it.  Does the balance feel off?  Change it.  Want a shorter club?  Change it.  The Arrowhead Putter will be the last putter you’ll ever need because it quickly adapts to your level of skill, your technique, and the variable conditions on the green.  With the Arrowhead Putter, you’ll discover golf as good as golf gets!

Judging a book by its cover, one will never know what was inside.  

Whats inside our Putter Cover is worth playing, reading,  and understanding!

Stats for Pro Golfers are accumulated by many rounds by those who track their skills.  Amateur stats can only be known if you tracked them.  When your stats have less putts, its a given your on a roll.

Golf clubs have improved

over the last 100 years,

but nowhere  near

what an Arrowhead Putter

 has achieved

 in adjustability 

parameters since the game was invented.

What does outer space, arrows, and putters have in common? 

Mr.Albert Einstein: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

We've broken the conventional thought processes by allowing the golfer to easy modify the fitting procedures, to fine tune perfection fitting with an Allen wrench.  There is a point when every thing comes together, to a point worth keeping.  

At the end of the round, when 43% of your strokes are with the putter, there will always be room to improve.  There are many myths to analyze the fitting process. 

The answer to the equation is a simple solution with our methods.   Allen Wrench tweak systems.